In each of these risk areas, Saoti Finance uses a three-step approach, the goal of which is:

  • To assess the performance of existing risk management processes.

Based on the specific circumstances of the client institution, Saoti Finance develops an exhaustive, evidence-based diagnosis of the robustness of the risk management processes in place. The diagnosis, in light of the relevant risk management standards, leads to the definition of a corrective action roadmap.

  • To upgrade the performance of the existing processes.

Once the institution’s leadership articulates the performance level it expects from the new processes, Saoti Finance closely works with the field managers and their teams to implement the new or upgraded risk management tools and processes and to ensure buy-in from all those affected by these changes.

  • To train all users of the new processes at all concerned management levels.

Effectively using the new risk management tools and processes over the long term requires that all stakeholders be adequately trained to do so. Saoti Finance designs, runs and monitors the professional impact of the tailor-made training services it provides to process users and process auditors as well as the top managers who answer to the regulatory authorities.

Additionally, Saoti Finance carries out targeted assignments such as portfolio audits, risk mapping or acquisition due-diligences on demand.