During the project development stage, Saoti Finance can assist you from the launch of the feasibility studies to the finalization of a bankable project. We provide the following services:

  • We secure the project design through the production of the project’s Requirements, Terms of Reference and assistance to the selection of the specialized technical providers as needed.
  • We ensure quality technical, commercial and economic feasibility studies are completed.

During the project financing stage, Saoti Finance runs the different phases of the fund raising operation:

  • We structure the capital raising transaction.

Working from your particular circumstances, we suggest the most appropriate menu of financings. We may look at raising debt, equity or a combination of both types of financing.

  • We take the project to the market.

This phase is about presenting your project to lenders and investors and providing them with all the information they need to reach a financing decision. It is also about selecting the market participants that best fit the project’s profile.

  • We advise you on all aspects of the capital raising transaction.

From the coordination of the specialized consultants (technical or legal experts) to the negotiation of the loan or investment agreements, we provide unbiased advice with the protection of your best interest in mind.