Saoti Finance Primarily Supports Mid-Sized African Banks. These Institutions Share a Number of Common Traits:


They Have Aggressive Growth Plans

Our clients seek to meet their growth and profit targets by upgrading the quality of their risk portfolio, improving the productivity of their operations and the quality of service delivered.

They Want to Retain Control over Their Risk Management Processes

Our clients are prudent and practical businesspersons seeking changes that are relevant to their customers and that their organization can accept. They are therefore looking for consultants able to understand these constraints and willing to support the client in implementing the necessary changes. In short, they want to do business with banking professionals as pragmatic as they themselves are.

Saoti Finance has completed a varied list of assignment including assisting a multi-country African banking group carry out a strategic repositioning as well as managing for a central African service group the successful creation of a banking subsidiary. The firm also trained a large number of managers and executives from some of the most dynamic banking groups in Africa.